Summer fun with Zoobooks! ~GIVEAWAY!~

Summer is almost here, but more importantly most schools have already started summer break! Have you been faced with the question, “What on earth are we going to do ALL summer?!”. I know most of us want to give our children a fun time, but also don’t want them to get out of practice with learning.

What if I told you I’ve found a way they can do both?! I have found THE greatest children’s magazine; they’ve been around for a while (since 1990), so I’m sure all the 90’s kids know who it is, but those who don’t, they’re titled ‘Zoobooks’. They have pages and pages filled with interesting information written for the appropriate ages. Don’t worry, they have different publications for all age groups to capture the attention of all kiddos.

  • Zoobooks – (ages 6-12+) This magazine is chalk full of beautiful photos, illustrations, and fun activities. It has won many awards for their kid-friendly writing. Each one is only focusing on one animal helping to explore their world.
  • Zootles – (ages 3-6) Very much like Zoobooks but for preschoolers! This one is full of family activities and colorful photos.
  • Zoobies – (ages 0-3) is full of animal fun for little ones! And Zoobies is written and sized right to be shared with infants and toddlers.
  • Zoodinos – (ages 5+) This one is a brand-new version of Zoobooks, but with a dino-sized twist!

I did look at each of these before handing them to my daughter to see what we would be learning.

Starting with the original Zoobooks, our issue was focused of Chimpanzees. Inside there were beautiful photographs, and stunning visuals of the structure of the animals themselves, and their habitats. As you flip through, there is chimpanzee puppet guide for a great craft with the family, a bonus tiger poster, AND stickers! My daughter, even though she’s 2, got a lot of information from this! She’s been identifying the animal and the food it eats, not to mention she goes bananas (horrible pun intended) over stickers. Given this is intended for kids 6 and older, I think it’s a very good source of information AND fun!

Secondly, we read through Zootles. The featured animal were Pandas! This one is geared towards ages 3-6, making points of direction and shapes. There is a geographical essence added when asking “Where in the WORLD?”, it shows the reader a map that helps pinpoint where these animals actually live! It also has a short story and an activity for drawing a panda in a few easy steps. Overall, the Zootles magazine is perfectly tailored to the age range and has a lot of content to keep children occupied and learning.

The first thing I notice about Zoobies is that it is made of a thicker paper, more like a book than a magazine; perfect for the intended ages (0-3). It starts with a quick introduction to an animal, the one we received was focused on elephants. There’s colorful photos that fill the page, easy to focus on and small phrases that engage the child. My daughter who just turned 2, absolutely loved this issue. The extra flaps are so exciting for her to open and discover what’s inside, as well as a very fun development activity; ours was an elephant with a hole for your finger, to pretend to be an elephant! She LOVES that part, and it also has taught her to take turns when we do it together.

Last but not least, there’s the dinosaur version, Zoodinos! Although these are geared towards kiddos 5+, Madison has absolutely been obsessed with dinosaurs… well, she calls them ‘DRAGONS!’. The illustrations are fantastic and had wonderful comparisons to help imagine what dinosaurs would be like nowadays. This issue is jam packed full of information and fun content to keep kid’s imaginations on the run.

“Harummpphh!” (elephant noise)
Madison waving at one of the family snakes. 🙂

These magazines are wonderful and my daughter, being the early bookworm she is, has consumed each one of these about 100 times over. Zoobooks have been a learning at home staple for so many years, and I’m so glad to see they’re still going strong!


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