Backyard chickens!

Currently they’re more like bathroom chickens. A few weeks ago, we decided to finally get our baby chicks! At first, we had gone to our local feed store and purchased six baby chicks, but once we got to telling family, my mom decided she wanted some! So now we’re up to 10 chicks… all in my ONLY bathroom. These little birds have gone from the cutest little fuzz balls to the awkward pre-teen phase (where your hair was all over the place and you didn’t have a clue what to do with it). The first 8 weeks isn’t the easiest if you have limited indoor space; for example, our situation requires moving the poor things from bathroom to bedroom whenever one of us has to shower. For pets, I’d say chickens are sweet and easy to care for and something that completely shocked me was that they’re quite good with kids!

Madi has learned how to be a little farmer with raising these chicks. She even helps keep them in their play ground when one of them decides to explore.  Because of them growing so quickly we decided to make them a little chicken playground out back to use until they’re ready for the outside world permanently. They really seem to love being outside, but they still have another 3 weeks to go! Until then, it’s our job to make sure their coop and enclosure is ready and safe for them to live. Right now, it’s just some fencing, but this weekend we’re going to be moving their house into the fenced area (backward, I know) and lining the fencing with smaller fencing and making a top covering so nothing can get in. It might sound like a lot of work, but its relatively easy AND cheep (pun intended). We were lucky when it came to the supplies; my mother-in-law had bought the coop, feeders and light set up about a year ago and never used it, so she passed it on to us knowing we we’re getting baby chicks. The posts and larger, sturdier fencing we had found online for free, the rocks and driftwood used for perching we found on our property, and the chicks themselves we’re only $2.99 each. The whole ordeal probably cost about $100 all in with new fencing and feed.

Our original plan was to get a few chickens to help with eggs, but they’ve been so much more! They’re great pets, they’re teaching Madison to care for small creatures, and it also shows her where food comes from! I feel as a parent, showing her the ‘magical’, fulfilling parts of life is essential. I want her to fall in love with life, animals and nature just as I have throughout my own experiences; skipping the fear and insecurity of not knowing and not trying.  Being that leader and example of how to treat other creatures is awesome. I’m not sure if I’ve told you this before, but it’s not the last time you’ll hear it either! I LOVE BEING A MOM. Every day; good, bad, boring, or otherwise, it will always be my favorite thing.

If you are thinking about getting some chickens and have the means for it, I say DO IT! It is so much fun teaching our littles about other animals! I may just be a country girl at heart, but chickens are for everyone. Lol


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